Unexpected Results From A Poll About Teaching Science

False news has been a reoccurring topic in today’s culture for some time. A near relative to false news is ignored news. News worthy stories can be selectively ignored by the media or they can be twisted until the meaning is altered. There are two areas that are reported in these two categories more than their share of the time. These are Darwinian evolution and climate change.


There is a general assumption among the media that Darwinian evolution and climate change are now established facts and should be taught in classes as the only accurate scientific explanations for origins and climate. The fact is, there have been a number of news -worthy stories about these topics that have been ignored or given an altering twist.


Stories that oppose traditional positions about evolution and climate change are routinely passed over as religiously based, illegal in public schools, material that is flawed and biased, or not worthy of mainstream reputable news. When they are given time in news media, the articles often contain misrepresented information. This article is being written to challenge the false news and ignored news that is prevalent in articles that do not agree with mainstream science.


Favoured Races

The following article was co-authored by Carolyn Reeves and Marni Kendricks.


What are the two things that should not be discussed over dinner in polite company according to rules of etiquette? Politics and Religion. They can be controversial and emotional, cause anxiety, and ruin a good meal. Well, I suggest this time we DO couple them together for a serious conversation that needs to take place in our society.


Hardly a day goes by without a racial issue being raised in our news reports, social media, and daily conversations. We are well aware of uncomfortable symbols all around that remind us of an obvious racial divide—songs, flags, monuments paintings, graveyards—and even more so we have tough issues of racial profiling, neighborhood and church segregations, social media frenzy, and protests that often turn violent. I don’t think anyone can deny that racial tensions exist today, but have you ever wondered WHY? Where did this begin? What is this powerful force we face that still lingers decades after the start of the Civil Rights movement led by brilliant, ethical, strong leaders of our time?


Race struggles have existed for centuries throughout history. There have been and still are many horrible periods in world history where religion, ethnicity, and race were the catalyst for awful events. Still, there is no doubt that increasing racial discord is one of America’s big problems, and it is occurring on our watch. (more…)

An Atheistic Religious Viewpoint vs a Theistic Religious Viewpoint

COPE (Citizens for Objective Public Education) was incorporated in 2012with a specific mission to promote objectivity in public school curricula regarding religious content, so the teaching is religiously neutral. Religion, defined as beliefs about ultimate causes and the meaning of life, includes both theistic and atheistic beliefs. According to U.S courts, religious content must either be omitted or presented in a religiously neutral manner. COPE is particularly concerned when public schools present ideas that clearly favor an atheistic religious viewpoint while excluding a theistic religious view.


In 2013 the Kanas State Board of Education adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). COPE then examined the proposed learning objectives and found they did not present Darwinian evolution in a religiously neutral manner. (more…)

Selecting Leaders with Christian Worldviews

The following article is an expanded version of an article in the November issue of the AFA Journal.


Selecting Leaders with Christian Worldviews

American citizens represent a number of worldviews, but the two major views are Judeo-Christian and Secular Humanism. Strangely in recent years, the dominant culture-shaping forces have been from the minority views of Secular Humanism held by the leadership in fields such as entertainment, education, and often in politics. Humanistic tend to have atheistic or agnostic religious beliefs and considers human reasoning and human solutions superior to Biblical teachings and traditional laws of God. This has resulted in a number of secular laws and regulations legalizing such things as abortion, homosexual marriage, transgender “rights,” and required teaching in public schools that all life arose naturalistically.


When Christians failed to vote

Christians are often surprised when their traditional beliefs are supplanted by ideas with which they strongly disagree. (more…)

Worth the Risks? Depression, Increased Suicides, Strokes, Cancer

Worth the Risks? Depression, Increased Suicides, Strokes, Cancer


Leaders in businesses , entertainments, and sports are showing great compassion for transgender citizens and treating their fight for bathroom and locker room access as a civil rights issue. Numerous opinion articles in newspapers urge readers to show love for everyone and stop discriminating against people who identify as transgender. However, we urge you to look deeper at what is being promoted and reconsider the unintended consequences, especially regarding children. If we truly love others who struggle with gender identity, we should look at what medical authorities are advising.


Why sex reassignment surgeries were discontinued at Johns Hopkins University medical center


Johns Hopkins University was the first medical center in the U.S. to perform gender reassignment surgeries. This was begun during the 1960s. Patients reported that (more…)

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Dr. Carolyn Reeves is the co-author of several elementary textbooks in the

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