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People who know me see a patient, easy going, compromising, and adaptable grandmother, and are often surprised when they realize that one of my greatest passions in life is squarely in the center of a raging controversy.

Even though I’m a career science teacher with two degrees in science and a doctorate in education, I have no problem flatly rejecting Darwinian evolution or a history of the earth that includes millions of years.  Fortunately, my husband, my three children and their spouses, and my twelve grandchildren (except the very youngest who was born recently didn’t make the family photo) are very supportive of my position.

My journey into this controversy began in 1971, when I became a Christian for the first time and read The Genesis Flood (Morris and Whitcomb). I had been given the bad advice from a pastor as a freshman student in college to learn about science from my science books, about history from my history books, and about God from the Bible. I now know that this is a dangerous philosophy which goes by the name of Nonoverlapping Magisteria, or NOMA for short. It means that science and religion occupy completely different areas that don’t overlap. I accepted the pastor’s advice, but it created an immediate barrier to accepting both the Written Word of God, the Bible, and the Living Word, Jesus, and the barrier stood for twelve years.

It is now clear to me that science and religion do overlap. I now know that living things and humankind began in the mind of God, not from random events and little particles, and Creation was a supernatural act of God, not the result of purely natural processes.

As far as history is concerned, an accurate framework of the early history of the world is found in the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Even though most Americans agree with my beliefs, they are not a part of the official paradigm of how the universe, the earth, and life began.

I’m excited to share some faith-building and clarifying information about Genesis in the Underground Paradigm website.  I’m also the co-author of a series of elementary textbooks, Investigate the Possibilities, published by Master Books and another book entitled, Understanding Science While Believing the Bible, published by The Master Design, along with several magazine articles.

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Dr. Carolyn Reeves is the co-author of several elementary textbooks in the

Investigating the Possibilities

series, and the author of

Understanding Science While Believing the Bible. Read more.

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