Censor of the Year for 2017

Friday,January 12, 2018

Nobel Prize awards for outstanding scientific research were given out in December, and Pulitzer Prize awards for outstanding journalistic work will be given out in April. However, there are two other annual awards for science and journalism that will be announced soon. Many Americans are not familiar with these awards, but will be interested in hearing the results.


One is the Fake News Story of 2017, chosen by a national email poll. The other is for the Censor of the Year for 2017, a national poll sponsored by the Center for Science and Culture with the Discovery Institute. (more…)

What Do News Writers Report When a Miracle Occurs?

Tuesday,August 15, 2017

In the world of science, the philosophy of naturalism is firmly embedded so that every hypothesis of how living things operate in the present or how every past event in nature occurred must only be explained by using natural processes. Even when it is obvious that God designed and created the universe, the world, living things, and humans, there is still an insistence on an explanation based on natural processes for how all these things came to be. It seems that naturalism has also invaded many news reports, because there is little room for supernatural miracles in them.


Most of us heard the news report of a busload of prisoners who were being transferred from one prison to another prison when two of the convicts somehow overpowered and killed the guards and then escaped. This was a top news story for three days as the convicts stole cars, invaded homes, and evaded police. They were finally captured in a small community in Rutherford County, Tennessee.


A variety of dramatic headlines and news accounts told of how the convicts were captured. The stories were strung together by local members of the community and even by local law officials. Some accounts told of how they tried to steal a car from Patrick Hale, a Tennessee homeowner. It was said that they were met by Mr. Hale who held a loaded gun on them and forced them to surrender. Another account told of a neighbor with a loaded gun who helped Hale keep the convicts in line until law enforcement officials arrived. One report said the convicts were confronted in the woods by Hale and his neighbor and came out with their hands up about 15 minutes later.


But, it turns out, none of these stories were true. The accurate story is that Patrick prayed to God for help and experienced a miracle. So, how do professional law enforcers and newspaper writers relay this to the many people who have been following this dramatic story for the past three days. A miracle that doesn’t make sense to our natural minds? An outcome that a grateful and humble Patrick attributed to Jesus Christ?


Here’s the real story:

Patrick was home alone with his three-year old daughter when he got a phone call. His friend had a terse message: The two escaped criminals have been in an shootout with law enforce and are in your area. Patrick immediately loaded the guns in his house and looked outside to see two white men crossing a fence 300 yards from his back door. He made an urgent fervent prayer to his Lord. He then made the decision to drive away rather than get trapped in his house.


Grabbing his daughter and a loaded gun, which he was fully prepared to use if necessary, he got into his car and began backing our of his driveway. But the unthinkable had happened. The two men had already reached his driveway and were waving their shirts frantically at him trying to get him to stop. They came closer, and Patrick began to slowly back up.


Patrick was aware that they had just been in a shootout with police and possibly still had their weapons. They had nothing to lose at this point, because they were already facing murder charges for the death of two law enforcement officials.


Hale then called 911 as he prayed earnestly for his daughter and for the situation. Even though Hale had a loaded weapon, he had not shown it; nor had he given a commend to the men to give up.


What happened next, he could only attribute to an answered prayer.  Without a word from Patrick and without showing his weapon, both Dubose and Rowe silently lay down on their stomachs in Patrick’s driveway in an act of surrender. After about 20 seconds, both men slowly got up and walked to a water faucet where they got a drink of water. Then they returned to the same place on his driveway and lay down on their stomachs.


Patrick watched this surreal scene unfolding in front of him for three minutes before an army of law enforcement officials reached his property and arrested the men who still maintained their surrender position. During those three minutes, Patrick just watched from his car and prayed.


Patrick had no problem recounting these events to media and giving Jesus Christ proper credit for what happened, saying “If that doesn’t make you believe in Jesus Christ, I don’t know what will.”


Predictably, many of the mainstream media walked around a supernatural miracle and published a variety of inaccurate stories. Some of the media accounts focused only on how the story related to gun control. The quotes about prayer and Jesus Christ were only mentioned in a few media stories. Many reporters had difficulty writing about how the men simply laid down in a surrender position in front of Patrick’s car for no apparent reason.


But Patrick Hale will forever know that God answered his fervent prayer when he call upon Him on June 15, 2017.


Is This Really Compassion?

Numerous media stories have been written about an adorable eight-year-old girl in New Jersey, who is being allowed to change her name to Joey, dress like a boy, and join a Boy Scout troop. She wanted to join the Boy Scouts, because her best friends are the boys in the scout troop, and according to Joey, they all like to camp, do science stuff, and hang out. The official Scout policy limited membership to children whose birth certificates showed they were males, but a few months later, they changed their policy to accept children on the basis of the gender listed on the enrollment form. Girl Scouts have also accepted transgender members for the past several years.


The decision by the Boy Scouts to allow transgender girls to join their troops is being celebrated by many people as courageous and compassionate. But, is it really?


If Joey never grew up, this policy would be much less complicated. But, in about four or five years, Joey is going to stop looking like a typical boy. She will begin to develop breasts, her hips will widen, her voice will sound more like a girl than a boy, she will begin to menstruate, and her body will be flooded with female hormones. Boys, who want to take on a female identity, face similar problems, as the onset of puberty produces dramatic changes in their bodies as well.


Then what?


The parents of Joey and her Scout leaders certainly think they are being compassionate and have her best interest in mind. But, allowing an eight-year-old girl to decide she will live the rest of her life as a male may have more serious consequences than they anticipated. Will she be allowed to begin hormone therapy to stop the processes that occur during puberty? Will she start taking male hormones while her female hormones are blocked? Will there be surgical operations to make her look like a boy? Hormone therapy must be continued throughout many years, and it comes with serious health risks and the inability to have children. Surgical procedures are usually permanent.


The advice of Dr. Paul McHugh to the parents of both young girls and young boys who want to change their gender is “Don’t do it!” Dr. McHugh actually performed gender reassignment surgeries at Johns Hopkins Hospital for several years. There were no problems with the surgeries, but he discontinued doing them for one simple reason. A battery of psychological tests were administered to the people on which he preformed surgery, and the same tests were given several years after their surgery. He was surprised to find that most of his transgender patients were just as unhappy and dissatisfied with life after the surgery as they were before. He realized that life-altering surgery had produced no improvement in their well-being and for many of his patients, their depression had deepened.


Furthermore, there was a significantly greater number of suicides among those who had undergone hormone therapy and surgery to achieve gender reassignment.  One study found that these individuals were about 5 times more likely than a control group to attempt suicide and about 19 times more likely to die by suicide. Cancer and other medical problems were also more common in this group.


Professionals who advocate for the right for children with gender dysporia to be allowed to transition to the opposite sex use high suicide rates and severe depression as the basis for their arguments. Although children like Joey may temporarily experience less distress and depression, there are no long term scientific studies about the level of depression they may face as they become older. In fact, current studies indicate they will continue to battle depression in the future.


When a young girl says, “I feel like a boy, and I like to do the things they do,” is that based on some kind of gender-based reality? As a public school teacher for thirty years, I observed many girls who were called tomboys. If they had been encouraged by some well-meaning counselor to live the rest of their lives as males, they would have missed out on the satisfaction of being part of a vibrant family, which most of them now enjoy. Most of the boys I observed in school who exhibited an interest in things typically assigned to girls grew into adulthood as creative individuals who were satisfied with their gender.


By the time most gender-confused children reach adulthood, undergoing gender reassignment is no longer something they want to do. However, if they are encouraged to dress like the opposite sex and change their name to an appropriate opposite-sex name and go to the bathroom with the opposite sex for several years during their childhood, they will become acclimated to this gender. Puberty will then force them to make a no-win decision. (1) They will have to continue to dress and act like the opposite sex even though their appearance is obviously affected by what their biological sex dictates. (2) They will undergo dangerous gender reassignment hormone therapies, and possibly surgeries, with the likelihood of serious health issues and bouts of depression. (3) They will have to revert back to their original biological sex after living several years as another gender.


What eight-year-old child has the maturity to look realistically at what changing ones gender will mean for the rest of his or her life? Reality for young children comes from their circle of family and friends and being a part of what they do that is fun and inclusive. Is having a gender that is opposite to ones biological sex backed by any kind of scientific research?


The New Atlantis published a special report on scientific findings from research regarding sexuality and gender (Number 50, Fall 2016, www.TheNewAtlantis.com). It is one of the most valuable, unbiased science-based resources to be found anywhere. The research was compiled by Lawrence S. Mayer, M.B., M.S, Ph.D. and Paul R. McHugh, MD. The authors were careful not to discuss matters of morality. Their focus was on what the scientific evidence shows and what it does not show. Yet, for the most part, it has largely been ignored. One wonders if the “feelings” of young children are more reliable than a large body of science research.


Perhaps it’s time to listen to the advice of professional scientists and doctors. Here are a few of the findings reported by Dr. McHugh and Dr. Mayer in The New Atlantic, (Executive summary, p. 8-9)


“The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex . . . is not supported by scientific evidence.”


“Compared to the general population, adults who have undergone sex-reassignment surgery continue to have a higher risk of experiencing poor mental health outcomes.”


“Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood.”


For Christians, it’s important to understand that the creation of male and female were part of what God designed and created in the beginning. Genesis 1: 27 says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” God also created family units in the beginning, so that one man and one woman would make a covent to live together throughout their lives and take care of the children born to them.

Favoured Races

Friday,January 13, 2017

The following article was co-authored by Carolyn Reeves and Marni Kendricks.


What are the two things that should not be discussed over dinner in polite company according to rules of etiquette? Politics and Religion. They can be controversial and emotional, cause anxiety, and ruin a good meal. Well, I suggest this time we DO couple them together for a serious conversation that needs to take place in our society.


Hardly a day goes by without a racial issue being raised in our news reports, social media, and daily conversations. We are well aware of uncomfortable symbols all around that remind us of an obvious racial divide—songs, flags, monuments paintings, graveyards—and even more so we have tough issues of racial profiling, neighborhood and church segregations, social media frenzy, and protests that often turn violent. I don’t think anyone can deny that racial tensions exist today, but have you ever wondered WHY? Where did this begin? What is this powerful force we face that still lingers decades after the start of the Civil Rights movement led by brilliant, ethical, strong leaders of our time?


Race struggles have existed for centuries throughout history. There have been and still are many horrible periods in world history where religion, ethnicity, and race were the catalyst for awful events. Still, there is no doubt that increasing racial discord is one of America’s big problems, and it is occurring on our watch. (more…)

An Atheistic Religious Viewpoint vs a Theistic Religious Viewpoint

Friday,November 4, 2016

COPE (Citizens for Objective Public Education) was incorporated in 2012with a specific mission to promote objectivity in public school curricula regarding religious content, so the teaching is religiously neutral. Religion, defined as beliefs about ultimate causes and the meaning of life, includes both theistic and atheistic beliefs. According to U.S courts, religious content must either be omitted or presented in a religiously neutral manner. COPE is particularly concerned when public schools present ideas that clearly favor an atheistic religious viewpoint while excluding a theistic religious view.


In 2013 the Kanas State Board of Education adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). COPE then examined the proposed learning objectives and found they did not present Darwinian evolution in a religiously neutral manner. (more…)

Selecting Leaders with Christian Worldviews

Wednesday,October 26, 2016

The following article is an expanded version of an article in the November issue of the AFA Journal.


Selecting Leaders with Christian Worldviews

American citizens represent a number of worldviews, but the two major views are Judeo-Christian and Secular Humanism. Strangely in recent years, the dominant culture-shaping forces have been from the minority views of Secular Humanism held by the leadership in fields such as entertainment, education, and often in politics. Humanistic tend to have atheistic or agnostic religious beliefs and considers human reasoning and human solutions superior to Biblical teachings and traditional laws of God. This has resulted in a number of secular laws and regulations legalizing such things as abortion, homosexual marriage, transgender “rights,” and required teaching in public schools that all life arose naturalistically.


When Christians failed to vote

Christians are often surprised when their traditional beliefs are supplanted by ideas with which they strongly disagree. (more…)

Worth the Risks? Depression, Increased Suicides, Strokes, Cancer

Tuesday,October 25, 2016

Worth the Risks? Depression, Increased Suicides, Strokes, Cancer


Leaders in businesses , entertainments, and sports are showing great compassion for transgender citizens and treating their fight for bathroom and locker room access as a civil rights issue. Numerous opinion articles in newspapers urge readers to show love for everyone and stop discriminating against people who identify as transgender. However, we urge you to look deeper at what is being promoted and reconsider the unintended consequences, especially regarding children. If we truly love others who struggle with gender identity, we should look at what medical authorities are advising.


Why sex reassignment surgeries were discontinued at Johns Hopkins University medical center


Johns Hopkins University was the first medical center in the U.S. to perform gender reassignment surgeries. This was begun during the 1960s. Patients reported that (more…)

Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence Part III

Tuesday,April 7, 2015

Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence in the National Science Standards is continued below as Part III. The condensed version of this article is published in the April 2015 edition of the AFA Journal.  http://bit.ly/1Fb7tO1

Public school students are in a position where everyone is taught Darwin’s proposal that all living things, including humans, originated from a common single-celled ancestor. Regardless of whether or not a disclaimer is added that God may have guided the process, Darwinian evolution is taught in public schools without scientific challenges and as the only scientifically accepted possibility for our origins. Attempts to include scientific creationism or intelligent design have been struck down by courts as state-sponsored religious ideas.

The case of COPE vs. Kansas Board of Education has yet to be decided. Parents are suing the Board because the state-approved science curriculum teaches an exclusively atheistic explanation for origins. (more…)

Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence in the National Science Standards- Part II

Saturday,February 14, 2015

Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence in the National Science Standards is continued below as Part II. The condensed version of this article is published in the April 2015 edition of the AFA Journal.


Although naturalistic evolution from a common ancestry has been taught in public schools for over 50 years, NGSS is more systematic, dogmatic, and deceptive in its approach than most previous standards.  The deception is extremely effective because it begins at age 5 in kindergarten. The new standards will continue to present evidence in a manner that supports the idea that all life evolved from a common ancestry. Furthermore, most scientific challenges to unguided evolution will remain inadmissible. The big difference is that evolution will be taught progressively in this way from grades K-12.


Studies have shown that young children from all backgrounds have an inborn natural inclination to favor purposeful design as the best explanation for life, including man.  Most young children instinctively believe that God made all living things, because living things look designed. Due to this instinct and the subconsciously recognized improbability that complex organs happened by chance, they find naturalistic evolution to be illogical – which in fact it is.  Psychological studies have found that very young children can be effectively persuaded to accept natural evolutionary ideas with picture books and visuals when they are taught these ideas at an early age. -1


Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence in the National Science Standards

Monday,February 9, 2015


American jury trials are probably the fairest way in the world to determine the guilt or innocence of an accused. Time-tested rules permit the person or group on trial to be both prosecuted and defended in a way that doesn’t favor either side. The prosecutor and the defender examine the same set of evidence, but present the jury with different possibilities regarding what actually happened. Our system of justice works because the jury is given the opportunity to consider the full set of evidences, as well as the arguments from both sides before making a decision. The right to a fair trial is such a cherished part of America that citizens would be outraged if they heard of a judge who allowed the prosecutor to freely present evidence and arguments to the jury, but declared the defender’s entire case inadmissible based on an unproved and controversial assumption.


A very important legal case, COPE vs. Kansas Board of Education, is now making its way through the courts.  Although the lawsuit is a civil case, it has many parallels to the example of the unjust judge. There have been several court cases where Christian parents were accused of trying to insert their religious beliefs into science classes.  However, in this case, it is Christian parents who have valid reasons to claim that they are being wronged by a situation in which their religious beliefs are being ruled inadmissible while the ideas of another opposing religious belief are being freely allowed. They find themselves in a situation where a state policy seeks to replace their theistic religious beliefs with a non-theistic religious worldview. The dilemma arose when the Kansas State School Board adopted a new set of science standards known as Next Generation Science Standards or NGSS.


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