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A paradigm is a set of beliefs and assumptions that many people have come to accept as true. However, regardless of how many people believe these assumptions, paradigms are sometimes found to be in error.

One of the strange things about an established paradigm is that even when new evidence shows there is a problem with it, the evidence tends to be ignored. It is only when the weight of the evidence reaches a near breaking point that people are willing to make a radical change in their basic beliefs. This is especially true of the scientific community, where paradigm shifts are rare events.

The “official” paradigm for origins is based on an assumption that the universe, the earth, living things, and mankind all gradually evolved as a result of random unplanned events and natural processes extending over billions of years.  These assumptions are supported by academia and tend to be taught vigorously and uncompromisingly. There have been a number of cases where university professors have lost their jobs as a result of openly expressing criticism about one of the established paradigm assumptions.

Stellar, geological, and biological evolution over billions of years has become such an entrenched paradigm among professional educators and scientists that it is accepted without questions by many.

. . . But not by all.

The truth is that millions of Americans believe in an alternative paradigm that explains where we came from. This explanation, found in Genesis, began several thousand years ago with the supernatural creation of the heavens, earth, living things, and man. In spite of its widespread acceptance, it has become an Underground Paradigm.

According to the Genesis account, God created a perfect man and woman and gave them a paradise in which to live. Perfection and paradise were lost because of sin, but their descendants continued to produce children and nations were established.

The first civilization, made up of physically and mentally superior people, existed for almost 2000 years. Over the years they became more and more corrupt. Then they were suddenly destroyed by a catastrophic worldwide flood, except for a few land animals and eight men and women who survived in an ark that had been prepared to keep them safe.

The first post-Flood survivors, like their ancestors, were brilliant, physically fit, and had long life spans. Incredible technologies and scientific knowledge were lost in the Flood, but the descendants of the eight survivors were able to restore a portion of them. Astronomy, engineering, metallurgy, and shipbuilding were some of the things in which these early civilizations excelled.

Underground Paradigm will post frequent articles that will challenge the assumption that world history began with millions of years of unguided evolutionary events. It will also post articles that support the account of world history found in Genesis 1-11.

Fascinating topics include the extinction of millions of woolly mammoths in Siberia, the climate changes that brought a worldwide ice age, 4000 year-old engineering feats and scientific knowledge, worldwide explorers over 3500 years ago with accurate maps of the world, trillions of fossils that formed as a result of the unique conditions of the Flood, and many other related topics.

This is a Christian site that accepts the entire Bible as the Word of God. There is no attempt to modify Genesis 1-11 to make room for cave men who evolved from ape-like animals, millions of years, or unplanned naturalistic explanations for the origin of the earth and the universe.

I invite you to visit often.

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